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Full Name: Mary-Kate Olsen
DOB: June 13th, 1986
Current Residence: Sherman Oaks, California


Color: Red
Book: Oliver Twist
School Subject: Creative Writing
Least Favorite School Subject: Math
Actors: Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck
Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, and Drew Barrymore
Movie: "Good Will Hunting"
Hobbies: Playing sports and horseback riding
Card Game: Spit
Store: "I like to go to little shops, I'm not really fond of going to the mall, you find cute little things at small shops."
Gum Flavor: Strawberry
Snack: Goldfish, gum, and ice-cream
Potato Chip Flavor: Cheese
Ice-Cream Flavor: Gold Medal Ribbon
Candy: Blowpops
Least Favorite Candy: Chocolate
Veggie: Broccoli
Least Favorite Veggie: Brussel Sprouts
Pizza Toppings: Cheese
Band: Pearl Jam
Group: *NSYNC


Mary-Kate has a boyfriend.
She is a size zero in clothes!
Mary-Kate and Ashley celebrated their fifteenth birthday by having a sleepover in a bungalow. It was behind a hotel.
Mary-Kate is left-handed.
She is a few minutes younger than Ashley.
She loves horseback riding.
She collects candles.
Her favorite part of school is lunchtime.
Her favorite part of acting is meeting new people and traveling.
Her favorite Disneyland/Disneyworld rides are Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain.